Sallie Shuford


Bragg and Associates Real Estate

112 Pleasant Home Road Suite B Augusta, GA 30907

In 2016, I changed the status of my my job, my home and my marriage. I took on three major stressors all at once. I am working my tail off to be healthy in body, mind and spirit. Currently, I serve people making similar changes in their own lives as a their trusted advisor for all things home-related - their Realtor.
Selling a home or buying a new one can cause major stress. I wish I could say, “I make it fun and easy!” But I can’t. The process can be daunting and relentless. What I CAN say is this: “During the sales process, I will fight for you; I will be on your side; I will handle the icky, ticky details you don’t even know you need to know. When I encounter an obstacle I will try EVERYTHING I know to get over, through, under or around it so we can close successfully and on time.”
THAT is who I am. I’m beyond grateful to have work I can do to take care of myself and my family. And I pray to keep growing and learning so I can serve my clients with increasing levels of expertise.
May I serve you? I’d absolutely love to. Give me a call! Let’s talk about the best way to get YOU moved.